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Frequently Asked Questions about Disability Insurance for Radiologists

Radiologists often wonder if they could continue to pay their monthly expenses if their income ended due to an accident or injury. We’ve compiled this short FAQ guide to disability insurance for radiologists to help answer your questions. What are typical maximum monthly benefits? Insurance  …read more » Read More »

Can Cigarette Smokers get Reasonable Rates for Disability Insurance?

As we discussed in a previous article about disability insurance rates for cigarette smokers, premiums for disability insurance is based on your risk of future illness. Since smoking is the cause of many illnesses which would lead to a disability insurance claim, smoking will typically  …read more » Read More »

High Income Disability Insurance

Have you ever stopped to think how much your lifestyle would change if you were unable to work? Facing the fact that a disability could happen to anyone at any time is difficult but necessary. The financial loss caused by a disability can be devastating.  …read more » Read More »

Questions to Ask Before Buying Disability Insurance

Disability insurance providers usually consider you disabled if you are unable to perform the duties of your current job, or perhaps ANY job. The best disability insurance plans will pay you … Read More »

Buying A Disability Insurance Policy After Bankruptcy

Have you recently been through bankruptcy? If so you may have found that it’s harder to buy a disability insurance policy … Read More »

High Risk Occupation Disability Insurance Policies

Have you been denied a disability insurance policy because you’re in a high risk occupation … Read More »

Disability Insurance for Cigarette Smokers

Do disability insurance companies charge higher premiums to cigarette smokers versus the rates they offer to non-smokers … Read More »

Protect Your Paycheck With Disability Insurance

Many people feel that since they have their homes and cars insured that they are covered for any mishap that may effect their lives … Read More »

Disability Insurance Month

Since May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month, it is a good time for employees and employers to evaluate their disability insurance needs … Read More »

Can Your Law Firm Survive If You Become Disabled?

Is your law firm prepared to survive a personal crisis, which leaves you or one of the partners disabled … Read More »

1099 Disability Insurance for Independent Professionals and Contractors

If you’re a self-employed contractor that receives a 1099 form from some of your clients, disability insurance should be an important component of your financial plan. … Read More »

Neurologist Disability Insurance – A Small Price to Pay

Did you know that sudden and prolonged illnesses or injuries happen to doctors every single day due to disability … Read More »

The most common disability insurance misconception

Common misconceptions about disability insurance can cost you a great deal of money. It’s not surprising with the confusing language … Read More »

Why disability insurance is a necessity for physicians and professionals

Insurance clients often ask whether they have too little, too much, or the right kind of life insurance, but they often don’t consider how they would get by financially with no income due to a long-term or short-term disability … Read More »

Important Information About Buying Disability Insurance

You may not realize it, but three in ten workers entering the work force today will become disabled before retiring … Read More »

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