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Does a Surgeon Need Disability Insurance?

First, you will want to think about how much you are worth. How much money do you earn in 3 months? What if your injury lasts a couple years … Read More »

Why Do I Need Disability Insurance?

Disability is often called “the forgotten risk” in the insurance industry. Most of us understand that we need life insurance to protect our families in case we die … Read More »

Which Professions Should Get Disability Insurance?

Statistically, however, a professional is far more likely to suffer a severe disability that damages the ability to work … Read More »

I Have a White Collar Job. Do I Still Need to Worry About Disability Insurance?

Yes! Anyone without a disability policy is a good candidate for coverage. This includes the self-employed; blue and white collar workers … Read More »

Should I Buy Disability Insurance While I’m a Resident Physician?

Absolutely! Disability insurance for medical residents may be more important than it first appears … Read More »

What is Disability Insurance?

Disability insurance can provide you with income if you become too sick to work, either temporarily or permanent … Read More »

Does disability insurance cover accidents and sickness?

Disability insurance policies are available to cover disability due to an accident only, or due to either an accident or an illness … Read More »

What are the different types of disability insurance policies?

Short-term disability insurance requires a waiting period of 0 to 14 days before you can draw benefits … Read More »

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